About Avrac A’davrac

Avrac A'davrac is a Zero Waste Grocery. But what does Zero Waste mean exactly?


We human beings are big creators and producers of all sorts of waste. Furthermore, we produce waste that doesn’t reintegrate into the ecosystem. To reduce our impact on the environment, we must make a better effort to REUSE or RECYCLE what we use. This however is no easy task for a society that, for social and economic reasons, is prone to overconsumption. That’s why everyone has a part in reestablishing balance. We have produced too much waste throughout the decades. It is now time to find a solution. And it’s you who have this solution.

By adopting Zero Waste, you halt (or at least reduce) your contribution to the production of tonnes of plastic packaging. And packaging already in existence must be given a second, third… life before being thrown out. The tide is only beginning to turn so we must become more and more numerous for it to turn faster. The result will certainly not be seen overnight because it is a long process.

We are sure you will like this new way to shop just as much as we enjoyed it our first time.




François Vincent OWNER

I have been a diver since I was thirteen years old. I have dived in just about every sea on Earth. The enchanting settings that I visited in my youth have become real trash-cans. For three years, I took part in archaeological excavations in the Rhone river which empties into the Mediterranean Sea. I saw plastic bags and bottles floating by me in the current and heading straight toward the sea. Imagine in a river like the St. Lawrence, with a much more imposing size and flow than has the Rhone, all the tonnes of garbage being carried to the ocean! I also had a short five-year career fishing on trawlers. You could but imagine the tonnes plastic garbage that I brought back to port to take to an eco-centre so that it would not find its way back to sea!

It is for these reasons that I have created Avrac A'davrac, so that we contribute to solving this global problem together. Let us change our consumption habits and make our children proud!


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